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Pigeon spikes for pigeons and other birds control and protection

Pigeon spikes for protection / defense provides a visually unobtrusive system to ward off pigeons from buildings without risk of injury to the animals. The bird control spikes are attached mainly on buildings, bridges and other structures to prevent pigeons from landing and nesting there.

They are effective form of protection against pigeons, and the pigeons are not killed or injured by the immune system. They are characterized by their effective action at low cost, flexibility and durability. So, Pigeons Spikes are recommend for bird control and protection


Pigeon spikes are ideal for use in projections, such as window sills and shutters, billboards, air conditioners and other appliances, small and large roof projections and straight edges.

For use on gutters: gutter bird spikes are specially made of stainless steel, which boast a special shape in order to protect both the gutter edges and the runoff from the pigeons. Of course, the full functionality of the gutters is guaranteed at all times.


pigeon spikes installation is usually done with a special adhesive on previously cleaned surfaces, but they can also be attached with screws and nails. The quality of the tips here is often critical to the success of the defense measure.

Our pigeons spikes are made of stainless steel 1.4301 spikes and strips, and spikes fixed to the polycarbonate or stainless steel 1.4301 strips. In our website you can find 2-row to 6-row spike protection systems. Pictures as follow:

Five polycarbonate pigeon spikes with stainless steel spikes wire on polycarbonate bar
Pigeon spikes on polycarbonate strip from 2-row to 6- row spikes
five S.S pigeon spikes used for solar and gutter protection against pigeon, swallow and other birds
Stainless steel pigeon spikes as gutter spikes and solar spikes
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