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Pigeon spiral suitable for schools, kindergartens and hospitals

The continuous spiral stainless steel flexible coil is attached to a strip of stainless steel. Under load, the individual turns to the side and turn stand up again. These spirals prevent efficiently the landing and nesting of birds.

This system is as injury-free pigeon control measure for humans and animals, is maintenance free and easy to install by bolting.


Strip and wire material: stainless steel 1.4301
Covering width: 110mm - 150mm
Diameter: 110mm
Wire thickness: 1.5mm
Spacing of turns: 35mm
Strip length: 50cm
Strip width: 2cm
Strip thickness: 0.8mm

Application: This stainless steel spiral pigeon control is widely used in schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, and hospitals, for protecting the following place: cornice, shutters, beams, dormer, window canopy, window sill, balcony, box blinds, and canopies.

two stainless steel pigeon spirals view from different angles
Stainless steel pigeon spirals view from different angles
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