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Plastic wall spikes prevent birds landing and nesting on your wall

Plastic wall spikes prevent pigeon and other birds landing and nesting on your garden wall.

Resistant to weather, this band is made of polypropylene and attached easily to the top of a fence or brick wall with nails or screws. It can also be used on the branches of trees or garages. Easy to cut and drill.


Made of UV stabilized plastic, weatherproof.
length: 50cm
Width: 5cm
Weight: 76g (for a band 50cm)
The tape is very discreet and harmoniously with the environment.

Strips 50cm x 4.5cm strips are hinged so that they can be easily installed on curved surfaces. Put two bands side by side to increase the width.

How to trim the plastic wall spikes:

You can cut the tape to give it dimension you want. To install the tape on a curved surface, immerse the strip into the hot water.

Three piece of plastic wall spikes in brown color
Brown plastic wall spikes
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