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Stainless steel gutter spikes - strong bird spikes for the gutter

2-row stainless steel bar type strong bird spikes for the gutter to defend against pigeons and seagulls. The pigeon spike is 1 meter long. The gutter spikes are clearly visible for pigeons and thus injuries are unlikely. With a sheet scissors, spikes are easily divisible to desired size.


Material: stainless steel 1.4301 (untreated)
Length: 1000mm
Strip thickness: 2.0mm
Spike Outer Height: 140mm
Spike Interior Height: 105mm
Wire diameter 2.0mm (heavy duty)
The distance from spike to spike is 50mm
Holes in the mounting clips for fastening with screws or nails

Application: Gutters, balcony railings, awnings, fences and edges of all kinds. It is also used as pigeon Spikes for solar systems.


An absolutely effective, by screwing, even by inexperienced people easy to install protection pigeons.

Due to the high quality materials this pigeon protection is very low maintenance or maintenance-free.


The spikes are welded to a 1m long bar and can be attached to the gutter by screwing (the mounting brackets) or sticking.

Accessories: required stainless steel screws, dowels and rivets.

stainless steel gutter spikes used for gutter
Stainless steel gutter spikes used for gutter
Stainless steel gutter spikes used for solar system protection
Gutter spikes used for solar system protection
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