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Wall Spikes - effective to prevent birds landing or nesting on wall

Wall Spikes are a simple and effective method to prevent birds landing and nesting on your wall and fence, even domestic and commercial air conditioning. It can be easily fitted to the tops of wire mesh fence, concrete wall, gates and other surfaces.

We supply three kinds of metal wall spikes:
large type, middle type, and small type


Materials: stainless steel wire, hot dipped galvanized steel, and PVC coated plate. It is weather resistant and extremely durable
Plate thickness: 0.5mm - 2.5mm
Barb height: 64mm -140mm
Wall spike strips length 0. 5m - 2m
Base width - 50-65mm
Spikes pitch - 70-90mm

A piece of large type galvanized wall spikes on the ground
Large type galvanized wall spikes
A piece of middle type stainless steel wall spikes on the ground
Middle type stainless steel wall spikes
Small type galvanized wall spikes mounted on the wall
Small type wall spikes installed on the wall
Stainless steel wall spikes neatly placed in our warehouse
Wall spikes in our warehouse
Small type wall spikes mounted on the top of chain link fence
Small type wall spikes used on fence
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