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Anti bird spikes installation instructions

Anti bird spikes is a very effective way to avoid having birds perch or nest, whether the gutters, window sills or walls. Our pigeon spikes are very flexible. you can protect all surfaces, even round surfaces

Installation Instructions

The installation of our bird deterrent spikes is easy - with the help of the following guide, we want to show you how easy it is to get your pigeons plague under control.
In just two simple steps pigeon control spikes are mounted.

Before starting the installation, you should consider a few points:

First remove the pigeon droppings from the surfaces to be protected.
Do you work best with gloves, goggles and a mouth guard.
Make sure that the surface is dry, clean and flat, clean if necessary with a (steel) brush.
Ensure a safe workplace by a sturdy ladder or scaffold.
Make sure that the distance between the wall or window mounted pigeon spikes and not more than 50mm - 65mm, otherwise pigeons fall behind it.
For wider areas, you can mount several pigeon spikes parallel.

Step 1 - Apply adhesive

Make sure that the surface is safe clean and dry.
The adhesive to the protected area applied with a pressure gun.
Apply the adhesive in finger width (about 6mm - 12mm).

Step 2 - Attach the pigeon spikes

Insert the plastic strip on which the plastic spikes are mounted centered on the glue line.
Press the plastic strip firmly and secure it in place.
A simple and effective measure.

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