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Bird spikes and anti-bird netting for bird control solution

The most common birds are pigeons, crow, gulls and parakeets.

They are usually landing and nesting on:
Industrial facilities / halls

These birds can cause many unpleasant situations and suffering. At hospitals they mess up the window sills or even the air ducts of air conditioning and ventilation systems lead into the house. Here it is certainly dangerous because germs and pathogens can enter the hospital through the air.

In industrial plants, it is often the case that site or factory and warehouses are often used by pigeons as a retreat, often suffer here the products and packaging damages devour large amounts of money each year.

Besides droppings and damage accidents are also a topic of bird strikes at airports. The flocks of birds can certainly get caught in jet engines and bring the aircraft into serious trouble.

With all these problems, there is a cost-effective solution - bird spikes and anti-bird netting

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