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What can we do against pigeons plague?

Pigeons are so cute animals and we do not want to hurt them. However, they come mostly in larger flocks contaminated facades, roofs and window sills through your corrosive droppings. In addition, you can be loud and transmit a variety of diseases to humans and animals.

The growth of city pigeons has become in recent decades to a large problem. Particularly affected are monuments and public buildings. Bird droppings are not only unsightly, the attacks by the corrosive property of high uric acid content of the substance. To this is blockage of gutters and drains. Therefore, the proper and effective bird control has great significance.

Bird spikes, bird protection nets or traps? Pigeons use different areas of the buildings and for different reasons (sun room, monitoring of feeding sites, nesting, resting bursts). Therefore, one must select the appropriate defense system for these areas. The goal would be to remove the birds from the protected areas.

Stainless steel gutter spikes
Bird spikes for gutter

Very popular and recommended are the wire spikes. They have blunt tips, so no risk of injury to the birds. It arises exert a strong visual appeal defense in pigeons and seagulls and are weather and UV light resistant. Good anti bird spikes are used for wall projections, balconies, eaves, gutters, advertising signs. Depending on the application, the spikes can have in 1 row (for narrow surfaces), 2 row, even to 6 row spikes (for wider areas).

Black anti-bird netting in plastic material
Anti-bird netting with 10mm mesh

Bird protection nets made of stainless steel or polypropylene are the advantage when it comes to the larger surfaces. Nearly everywhere, whether horizontal or vertical, protective nets can be fixed arbitrarily. A flawless networking guarantees an effective pigeon control.

Scare away pigeons successfully by raven, ultrasound, or sound equipment

An effective and inexpensive method of natural pigeon control is the use of crows in the form of black plastic dummies. Whether Crow or Raven - Raven Birds are the natural enemies of all they scare away pigeons and doves, as their sight immediately triggers the escape reflex in the animals. A raven or crow sitting on the gutter, this serves as an effective scare pigeons.

Another approach is use ultrasound. The use of ultrasound has proven to be very effective in the pigeon deterrent. To the acoustic pigeon deterrent measures are primarily bird cry devices that mimic the hunting calls of birds of prey. Here they work with high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans. The downside is that other animals, such as dogs, also hear these sounds and thereby greatly inconvenienced.

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