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Why you should not tolerate birds?

1. Bird droppings damage your building.

Bird droppings is an ideal breeding ground for mold. These give off through their mycelium acids dissolve calcareous stone and so on. In addition, pigeon droppings contain ammonia, which can harm parts of roofs and facades.

Birds nesting material and droppings clogged gutters can lead to the ingress of moisture into the building and cause subsequent damage.

2. Visual impact of the building

Birds cause serious contamination of statues, monuments and buildings, thereby affecting the city beauty.

3. Health impairment

  • Birds can be carriers of pests, parasites and diseases. They harbor parasites such as: bird fleas, Bird ticks , bird mites.
  • These parasites live primarily on birds or in their environment. Bird fleas and bird mites are a constant threat to humans.
  • A dead bird near human habitation or the nest is abandoned, which is located on the dead animal or the nest hungry suffering parasites infect humans.
  • Bird droppings contain a variety of infectious agents, which come into the lungs and cause severe diseases there.

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