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Swallow spikes - a good solution for swallow control

Swallow spikes - a good solution for swallow control as a preventive measure.

We do not want swallows build their nests on the facade of our property, has the opportunity to prevent this with a swallow control. Swallows spikes have long spikes and efficiently prevent the landing and nesting of swallows under eaves. They are mounted in the eaves of the house - at precisely the angle between the house wall and roof overhang. The swallow control prevents preemptively that swallows find a landing and nesting. Very important When installing a swallow save the period from September to March should be chosen because no swallows nesting at this time.


Material: 1.4301 stainless steel (a rotting is almost impossible)
1 × 1m stainless steel strip 4 row spikes
S.S Strip thickness 2cm
Spikes wire 115mm / 145mm long, diameter 1.5mm
Covering width up to max. 150mm


On the base plate (volume) pre-drilled holes are provided.
Installation can be done by screwing, nailing or by spot gluing with a mounting adhesive.
The bar is easily divisible with pliers to required length. It is screwed directly against the wall under the eaves.

three stainless steel swallow spikes view from different angles
Stainless steel swallow spikes
stainless steel swallow spikes are mounted under eaves
Stainless steel swallow spikes mounted under eaves
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